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Михаил Папиашвили

GQ Style is a new word on the Russian market of glossy publications.

For the first time men fashion has acquired its own legitimate territory and stopped being the supplement to a block of articles about successful careers, sex and power. GQ Style does not restrict itself by standard cliche of male magazines. It is addressed to the new generation of males who give prime attention to their looks, not being shy about it and even seeing it as their strong point.

In GQ Style you’ll find the most meticulous stories about the latest trends, new interpretations of unbreakable laws of office fashion, practical hints and insider information from the fashion industry kitchen.

Still-life photo-sessions for GQ Style are performed not only by the best photographers and stylists, but by top male models as well, the ones who open fashion shows and act in the loudest advertizing campaigns.
Readers get a unique opportunity to view in one issue several thousands of new cloth-styles of coming season and make their minds concerning their image and shopping strategy.

The magazine is published twice a year.