Total brand audience, Mediascope, NRS-Russia,16+, May - October 2021; Google Analytics, January 2022; Social media data as of January 31, 2022



Ksenia Solovieva

Commercial Director of Vogue

Irina Elizarova

Brand Director

Dmitriy Vikulin

Advertising Sales Director

Maria Privorotskaya

Brand Coordinator

Aida Khairullina


Emilia Krovikova


Irina Sukhacheva

Advertising Sales Manager

Maria Krsteva

Advertising Sales Manager

Maria Titova

Special Projects Director

Nelly Khaydarova

Advertising Sales Manager

Oksana Ivashkina

Senior Advertising Sales Manager

Victoria Stolarsky


Female — 80%

Male — 20%


16-24 years — 35%

25-34 years — 34%

35-44 years — 17%

45+ years — 14%

Employed – 71%

Business owners, managers, specialists, white-collars – 56%

High income and above average – 76%

With over 800K readers, Vogue is the most read among upscale fashion magazines in Russia.

Vogue is #1 magazine for luxury department stores’ shoppers: 63% of them read Vogue.

48% of Vogue readers buy clothes and shoes twice a month and more often.

Source: Mediascope (TNS), NRS – Russia, May – October 2018;

Mediascope (TNS), Premium Department Stores Visitors Survey (TSUM, GUM, TSVETNOY), Moscow, April 2017