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Commercial Director of Vogue

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Brand Director

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Advertising Director

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Advertising Sales Manager

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Victoria Kashcheeva

Richard Steel, the founder of British Tatler

Tatler Club

The opening of Tatler Club

The first Tatler was released in 1709 in England by essayist Richard Steel, known as inventor of society gossiping. Literally, the very word “tatler” means gossiper, or tell-teller. In those days Tatler’s correspondents were shuffling in old London’s cafes – picking gossips from these invaluable sources of information, and later presenting their catch on Tatler’s pages.

Today’s Tatler has been published in Great Britain since 1901. In its early years it was a weekly report on society events - balls and charities, garnished with gossips – a reflection of those times and manners.

Its finest hour came in 1970-s when Tina Braun, a brilliant journalist, became Tatler’s Editor-in-Chief. Under her leadership Tatler became the wittiest, trendiest and most talked-about British magazine. Aristocrats were sharing place on its pages with stars. Its columnists included brilliant writers and members of the royal family. Fashion photography was contributed by famous artists.
As a result the magazine’s circulation grew three-fold. Then it was acquired by Condй Nast Publishing.
And the same concept of society guide-book, which proved to be a success in Britain, Condй Nast applied in Russia.
Turbulent society life was boiling in Russia through recent years, but before arrival of Tatler there was no other glossy publication able to grasp its beat. Now, since 2008 we have such a magazine.
Ksenia Sobchak columns are immediately chunked into flying citations, only for Tatler’s cameras media-unapproachable banker Sergey Pugatchev poses at his home.