Brand reach, Publisher’s Statement, Google Analytics, December 2019, Social media data for January 9, 2020



Ksenia Solovieva

Publisher Vogue & Tatler

Anna Pchelkina

Brand Director

Anastasia Goncharova

Advertising Sales Director

Elena Rung

Senior Advertising Sales Manager

Ksenia Cuggia

Advertising Sales Manager

Natalia Loginova

Advertising Sales Manager

Diana Malyukova

Advertising Coordinator

Irina Volkova


Male — 36%

Female — 64%


16-24 years — 20%

25-34 years — 47%

35-44 years — 21%

45+ years — 12%

Employed – 75%

Business owners, managers, specialists, white-collars – 64%

High income and above average – 75%

Tatler has the highest share of 42% of top managers and business owners among upscale fashion magazines in Moscow.

52% of Tatler readers own fine jewelry or watches.

44% of Tatler readers buy clothes and shoes twice a month or more often.

Source: Quantitative survey of Tatler readers, Toluna, July 2018;

Mediascope (TNS), Premium Department Stores Visitors Survey (TSUM, GUM, TSVETNOY), Moscow, April 2017.