Brand reach, Publisher’s Statement, Google Analytics, January 2022, Social media data for January 31, 2022



Arian Romanovskiy

Commercial Director of Vogue

Elena Rung

Brand Director

Maria Pertseva-Khvaley

Advertising Director

Ksenia Cuggia

Advertising Sales Manager

Natalia Loginova

Advertising Sales Manager

Ksenia Rodnova

Advertising Coordinator

Irina Volkova

Advertising Sales Manager

Victoria Kashcheeva


Male — 36%

Female — 64%


16-24 years — 20%

25-34 years — 47%

35-44 years — 21%

45+ years — 12%

Employed – 75%

Business owners, managers, specialists, white-collars – 64%

High income and above average – 75%

Tatler has the highest share of 42% of top managers and business owners among upscale fashion magazines in Moscow.

52% of Tatler readers own fine jewelry or watches.

44% of Tatler readers buy clothes and shoes twice a month or more often.

Source: Quantitative survey of Tatler readers, Toluna, July 2018;

Mediascope (TNS), Premium Department Stores Visitors Survey (TSUM, GUM, TSVETNOY), Moscow, April 2017.