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Arian Romanovskiy

Commercial Director of Vogue

Elena Rung

Brand Director

Maria Pertseva-Khvaley

Advertising Director

Ksenia Cuggia

Advertising Sales Manager

Natalia Loginova

Advertising Sales Manager

Ksenia Rodnova

Advertising Coordinator

Irina Volkova

Advertising Sales Manager

Victoria Kashcheeva

Tatler is the most complete, up-to-date and eye-catching magazine about thriving Russian fashion and celebrity life. Tatler’s prestige dates back to ages. The first issue came out in London over three hundred years ago. It is the most trustworthy source for the powerful people in the fashion world.

Tatler reports on the most private parties and publishes interviews with the most intriguing celebrities. Not a single issue goes without latest fashion and beauty trends. Tatler is a magazine about most remarkable personalities.

Fashion, beauty and culture news are reported through the perspective of personal choices, of movie and stage celebrities, TV hosts, public activists, representatives of noble European families and high-profile self-made millionaires, young and hungry for life and pleasure.

Only Tatler offers you rankings of the top fashion stylists, beauty experts and governesses of Moscow, London and New York. Only Tatler can get to the bottom of the intrigues in the most influential families of the old and new world. You will find the names of the most eligible bachelors and most attractive single women in the country. Tatler Ball of the Debutantes that takes place every October is a high life debut for the beautiful daughters from the most powerful Russian families.

Tatler releases annual special editions, including Best Schools, Tatler Beauty and Tatler Home. The magazine also has a monthly updated iPad application. Tatler.ru is not just an online version of the magazine. It offers daily reports from the most popular celebrity and fashion events in Moscow and New York as well as the latest beauty, travel and entertainment news.