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Igor Garanin

Commercial Director of Vogue

Maria Braynis

Advertising Director

Mikhail Papiashvili

Senior brand manager

Daria Vikulina

Advertising Sales Manager

Abdul Tagirov

Sales Manager

Julia Rechitskaya

Advertising Sales Manager

Polina Myasnikova

GQ (Gentlemen's Quarterly) offers both analytics and current reports of international quality with latest men’s fashion and style news. It is an unrivalled guidance and companion for a successful man.

GQ’s regular authors are the best of the best in their industry, from both Russia and abroad. They include photographers Terry Richardson, Danil Golovkin, columnists Gennady Jozefavichus and Lidiya Maslova, interviewer Roman Super and Hollywood insiders writing exclusively for GQ Russia. GQ has a close access to celebrities unlike any other Russian magazine in its niche. Gerard Batler and Adrien Brody appeared on GQ cover specifically for Russia. Each issue features an exclusive interview by world celebrities like Justin Timberlake, James Franco and Robert Downey Jr.

The Start section gives a must-read brief overview of the world arts, from ballet to hip hop, from art exhibitions to TV shows. In GQ Club, the magazine’s columnists prompt heated debates over the most popular topics of the month. Arsenal is for the latest trends in men’s fashion and other material interests of a modern man such as cars, watches, sports, food, cocktails and sex. Best Russian journalists and photographers work on feature stories and investigations for GQ.

GQ.ru, the online supplement to the magazine, keeps readers up-to-date on latest events and immediately reports on any new developments, from the changing political situation to new TV shows or fashion brands. The tablet version replicates the content of the print magazine but also offers video, interactive content and extended reports.