Publisher’s statement



Igor Garanin

Senior brand manager

Daria Vikulina

Advertising Sales Director

Maria Braynis

Advertising Sales Director

Michael Papiashvili


  • Male audience:89 %
  • Average age:26 years old
  • Higher education:53 %
  • Car owners:80 %

Social status:top managers, qualified specialists, white-collar62 %
  • High purchasing capacity*71 %
  • Spend on clothes/shoes per month: 10 000 RUB and above 72 %

Free time:

  • Restaurants52 %
  • Shopping51%
  • Active sports41%

According to the research of the loyal audience, that was conduct on September 2008 among 513 respondents, we have following results:

• At the average 2 or 3 persons read one issue.
• 68% of the readership read one issue more than 2 times.
• GQ Style readers show high level of loyalty to the magazine – 85% of the readers plan to buy magazine regularly in the future.

Readership highly rated GQ Style:
85% — consider GQ Style a guide to style and fashion
82% — consider GQ Style teaches taste and style
76% — consider GQ Style’s content always urgent and interesting
75% — consider GQ Style is powerful international brand, which has stable image
70% — consider GQ Style has unique content that cannot be found in any other publications

High confidence to the advertisements in the magazine
Readership of GQ Style agreed following statements:

  • The image of GQ Style has a positive influence on the brands advertised in it86 %
  • The advertisements in GQ Style complement the editorial materials well71 %
  • I trust a brand if it is advertised in GQ Style62 %
  • The advertisements in GQ Style is a guarantee of the product quality54 %
  • If I see an advertisement of a brand in GQ Style I tend to buy the products of the brand53 %

Recommendations which are usually used
79% of the readership always uses GQ Style recommendations:

  • How to combine/wear clothes better80 %
  • What clothes/shoes to buy54 %
  • What cosmetics and perfume to use62 %
  • The advertisements in GQ Style is a guarantee of the product quality44 %
  • What accessories to buy39 %
  • Which boutiques to visit21 %

*«can afford expensive goods, but not everything they want» or «can afford everything they want»