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Glamour was first published in the United States, back in 1939. Then it was called Glamour of Hollywood and was mostly focused on stories about the life of “Factory of Stars”. Eventually, with more space given to fashion and beauty, later added by chapters on psychology and health, the name was shortened.

Today’s Glamour in a practical and accessible manner tells about fashion and beauty, cheerfully and without vulgarity – about celebrities, wittily and without moralizing – about psychology, sex and career-opportunities.

Today, almost 30 millions of girls around the world (the magazine is published in 18 countries) carry in their bags copies of Glamour (the first mini-format Glamour was published in Italy, 1n 1998).

In Russia Glamour was first published in 2004 and the growth of its circulation in the first year on the market had exceeded the boldest predictions: It had almost reached 1 million copies! Glamour actively participates in Russia’s life: Every year since 2005 it awards the “Glamour’s Woman of the Year” title to one of our stars, while regular fashionistas are invited to participate in “The Run on Stilettoes”- a contest held in many of Russia’s cities. What really counts in this contest – a will for victory and a pair of reliable hills not shorter then 9 cm to cover a running distance of 83.3 meters. For those, who wouldn’t find a pair of shoes with appropriate height of hills in their robe , Glamour offers to take part in ”Shopping Week”, which is held every spring. The discount-coupons valid in major Russian shopping-centers are included in Glamour’s May issues.

Since 2011 the Russian Glamour is headed by Maria Fedorova.