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Oksana Smirnova

Condé Nast Russia nominated Oksana Smirnova as Editor-in-Chief of Glamour Russia on January 12th, 2022.

Oksana has graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University. From 2009 to 2011, Oksana worked as an editor of FURFUR and Look At Me online media. In 2011 she joined TV Rain television channel as social media manager. In 2012, Oksana joined Condé Nast as GQ’s junior web editor and soon after was promoted to the position of senior web editor. In 2015 she was appointed GQ’s chief web editor. After leaving the company in 2019, Oksana took the position of head of social media of Mercury company. In 2020, she became editor-in-chief at the Poison Drop jewelry department store.

‘Glamour is one of the most contemporary , visible and vivid female media brands. Ilyana has launched several signature socially meaningful projects over the four years of managing the edition: the Glamour Influencers Awards, a regular issue about ecology, sustainable consumption and development. In 2020 Glamour Russia received the Condé Nast Green Award in the global corporate competition for best environmental projects. A lot of stories and programs were devoted to the issues of domestic violence and women's rights in Russia. Ilyana contributed to the success of Glamour video channels on Youtube and TikTok. I sincerely thank Ilyana for all her passionate work, because she grew up in the Glamour editorial office, which she joined as an intern’, said Anita Gigovskaya, President and Managing Director of Condé Nast Russia.

‘I am happy to see our Conde Nast Russia unannounced culture of ‘promotion from within’ manifest itself yet again. Oksana Smirnova is one of the most talented editors I've ever worked with, and it's wonderful to see her back on our team. Oksana has been engaged in online media all her professional life, and her editorial vision will help us increase multimedia broadcasting, coverage and visibility of Glamour Russia’.