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Ilyana Erdneeva


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Ilyana Erdneeva

Ilyana Erdneeva is 27 years old was born in Elista, Kalmykia. She has a journalism degree from the Moscow State University. While a journalism student, she worked a 6-month-internship in glamour.ru, and rejoined Glamour in 2013 as Features Editor. In 6 months, she became Fashion Editor and since 2016 became Glamour’s Senior Fashion Editor and Editor-at-Large of Glamour Style Book - upmarket practical fashion guide for the Instagram and Street Style generation.

Masha Fedorova on Ilyana: “When it comes to style, Ilyana knows no compromise. She is sharp, educated, cultured, and passionate about fashion, music, and theatre – I always relied on her in the choice of topics and heroes for the magazine. Glamour has shaped her personal taste. She became a Glamour fan since school, and applied to Moscow State University’s journalism faculty, aspiring to work in Glamour. I truly believe that under Ilyana’s editorship we will both see lots of new readers, and pleasantly surprise our loyal audience of the last 14 years” “Ilyana is young and full of energy. She is a devoted Glamour reader since school, and she shares the interests of the millennial audience. Under Masha’s guidance Ilyana has grown professionally, and her fresh outlook will be beneficial for Glamour. Great to know that we grow talent inside our teams”, - says Anita Gigovskaya, President of Conde Nast Russia.