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AD Russian Party 2013

18 october / On October 17, AD held its annual AD Russian Party as part of the iSaloni festival. The editors presented the guests with a special edition of AD Best in Design that featured the best projects and photo shoots over the 11 years of AD in Russia.

AD presented Claudio Silvestrin's lecture

22 may / Italian architect and designer, promoter of strong and elegant minimalist style Claudio Silvestrin visited Moscow on May 21, 2014, on invitation from AD. He gave a talk on how beauty will save the world at the Central House of Artists, during the 2014 Arch Moscow exhibition.

Architecture Film Festival organized by AD

17 june / The Fifth Architecture Film Festival organized by AD kicked off on June 18 at the Pioneer Summer Movie Theater in Gorky Park. The festival opened with Alexander Zeldovich's Moscow, a manifest of post-modern architecture according to movie critics.

AD Best now available on AppStore

06 october / On October 2, AppStore Russia published the new collection edition of AD, AD Best in Russia. The issue includes portfolios of the best Russian architect, designers, decorators as well as their works. Next week, on October 7, the print version of the magazine will come out.

В Москве при поддержке журнала AD состоялось открытие выставки «Место гения»

08 june / В Москве при поддержке журнала AD в рамках программы года Франция – Россия 2010 состоялось открытие выставки, посвященной великим писателям русской и французской литературы.

Архитектор Питер Айзенман провел мастер-класс в Москве

29 may / 29 мая в конференц-зале Центрального дома художника на Крымском Валу был аншлаг – состоялась встреча с основателем деконструктивизма, обладателем «Золотого льва» Венецианской архитектурной биеннале, одним из самых авторитетных современных архитекторов Питером Айзенманом, который впервые приехал в Москву по приглашению журнала AD/Architectural Digest.