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Sixth AD Architecture Film Festival kicks off on June 24


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Admission is free to all the screenings besides the opening film

This summer, for the sixth time, AD invites the public to attend the annual Architecture Film Festival at the Summer Pioneer movie theater. Over the course of two months, AD guests will have a unique opportunity to enjoy world’s cinema masterpieces selected by Eugenia Mikulina and AD editors. The movies on the festival program traditionally share one theme, their focus on original architecture and design of its time. The creativity of artists, interior designers, cameramen and film directors are defining criteria for being included in the festival list.

“AD editorial team loves architecture professionally and movies with their hearts. We created this architecture film festival to merge these two passions and show the public how beauty in all its complexity exists in the world. We are thrilled that this idea has been popular for several years now. We look forward to seeing you at Pioneer, to watch the life of the eccentric Tenenbaums, gaudy outfits of the ridiculous Kika, the fascinating dance of the crouching tiger, the mysterious manor on Sunset Boulevard and numerous other unforgettable designer images that cinematography brings, with the film program selected for this summer,” AD Editor-in-Chief Eugenia Mikulina said.

On June 24, the AD Architecture Film Festival will open with Sergei Solovyov’s movie O Lyubvi (About Love). “It is a conceptual novel collection about Anton Chekhov’s understanding of love,” the film director describes his movie based on three short stories by the great Russian author. Moving from one story to the other with the characters, the audience jumps from a brilliant and colorful world of Chekhov into black and white modern reality and back.

On the festival opening day, AD Editor-in-Chief Eugenia Mikulina will present Sergei Solovyov with a special prize, Bozzetto d’oro, from Savio Firmino for his contribution to cinematography.

Admission is free to all the screenings besides the opening film. Throughout the festival, its sponsor Jaguar will provide the audience with opportunity to put their names down for a test drive of a new Jaguar XE.

2015 Architecture Film Festival program


June 24 – O Lyubvi (About Love), 2004, dir. by Sergei Solovyov (private screening).


July 1 – The Royal Tenenbaums, 2001, dir. by Wes Anderson

July 15 – Kika, 1993, dir. by Pedro Almodóvar

July 29 – Tank Girl, 1995, dir. by Rachel Talalay


July 12 – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, 2000, dir. by Ang Lee

July 25 – Sunset Boulevard, 1950, dir. by Billy Wilder

The movie screenings will take place at the Pioneer open-air theater at Gorky Park and are open to the public. Admission is free (except for June 24).

Screenings start at 10 p.m.

Venue: 9 Krymsky Val, Moscow