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АD (Architectural Digest) is a monthly magazine on architecture and interior design for the most educated, sophisticated and wealthy readers. AD is a brand with a hundred years of history that has over seven foreign versions and a global readership of over 2.5 million people.

AD opens doors to the homes of Hollywood celebrities and European nobility for you. You will ride luxury yachts of millionaires and take a sneak peek of their private mansions, visit the luxury suites of the most expensive hotels.

AD is a magazine for readers interested in interior design and those who closely follow new trends and the variety of architectural styles and also has a background knowledge of the history of culture and arts.

The scope of coverage and the highest quality standards for reports and photographs (AD works with the world’s best interior photographers) have ensured that AD has become the most respected interior magazine in the world. It is the only editorial team that is welcome in the homes of Oscar winners, presidents, billionaires and other prominent figures. The interiors featuring in AD gain international recognition for quality and, which is also important, grow in price.

In 2012, AD Russia celebrated its tenth anniversary in Russia. In the run-up to the anniversary, the magazine published several books, including “Verbal Constructions. World’s 35 Greatest Architect,” interviews with the most prominent architects published over the ten years and the Russian Album by Fritz Von Der Schulenburg.

Twice a year, AD presents special iPad applications, Best in Design, Kitchens and Small Apartments.

The magazine’s website ADmagazine.ru is designed as an editorial blog. It is the only professional blog on design and architecture on the Russian internet written in Russian by Russian journalists – and most importantly, by the best experts in the industry. The AD blog is not just an online version of the magazine but a plentiful source of knowledge about anything in design. You will find reports from furniture exhibitions, new architecture projects of celebrities, interviews by leading interior designers, editorial stories, personal experience stories, rankings, hit lists, industry gossip and even movie releases (movies are also about design!).