First Condé Nast Digital Day Next Generation 2015 takes place in Moscow

22 april / The conference was attended by two robots from the Robostation project, an exciting event for both participants and guests

The Sixth Condé Nast Digital Day took place on April 9 at Digital October. This year’s conference was looking at how technology changes media, business and our life

13 april / It is the sixth time CNDD experts have discussed new developments in digital media and presented latest achievements and most telling examples. They also looked at how digital technology is making its way into education and everyday life

Condé Nast Digital Day 2015 program announced

16 march / Check for schedule updates at

The 5th Condé Nast Digital Day

11 april / As before, best professionals from various industries, including digital and marketing, digital media and online advertising gathered to share experience and talk about new solutions in the digital media, present latest technology for e-commerce and discuss digital trends in culture and arts