Anita Gigovskaya

«Condé Nast produces the best magazines and digital products in the market, and we will continue to break new ground».

Anita Gigovskaya
President of Condé Nast Russia from January, 2013

Anita Gigovskaya started her career in 1998 as personal assistant to the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, where talent and hard work led to increased responsibilities and her appointment as Managing Editor. In 2002 she was appointed Editor-at-Large of AD (Architectural Digest), as part of the launch team. The following year she created the marketing department of Condé Nast Russia, and spearheaded the launch of Glamour magazine in 2004. She interrupted her career at Condé Nast to become publisher of a rival publication, Elle, but returned in 2009 to run Condé Nast Russia’s digital division. She was named Vice President and Commercial Director in March 2011.

«Since starting at Condé Nast as an assistant 15 years ago I have done everything from editorial to marketing, from digital product development to advertising. What I know, I learned here and I am honoured to have the opportunity to build on the company's success».

Anita Gigovskaya graduated from the Department of Political Science in the Faculty of Arts and Applied Sciences at Moscow State Linguistic University in 1996, and has a Master’s degree in Political Science. She is married, with one child.