Condé Nast Russia announces staff changes

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Condé Nast Russia announces new appointments as part of the commercial teams and the consumer marketing department restructuring.

Effective immediately, Anna Pchelkina has been appointed Vice President, Commercial Revenue. The Commercial Departments of brands, the Central Digital Advertising Department, Brand teams, the Marketing Research Department and CNX Russia will report to her.

Effective immediately, Luiza Iznaurova has been appointed Vice President, Consumer Revenue. In accordance with the global plans for the development of consumer revenue, the Distribution and Consumer Marketing Departments, Affiliate sales, Digital Marketing and Promo, the Audience Development Department will report to Luiza.

Anita Gigovskaya, President and Managing Director of Condé Nast Russia: ‘Our growth strategy through digital media and audience monetization requires robust mobilization and efficient use of our most valuable talent.

The key objective of the Commercial department for the next few years is aggressive growth of digital advertising revenue. While switching to data-centric audience solutions and advertising products, we'll maintain the excellence of our brands. Implementation of CRM and efficient technological and data tools will ensure personalized advertising products and assist in monitoring ad sales in real-time. Anna's team will also bring the commercial structure in line with Condé Nast’s global standards. 

Structural changes of commercial departments will be implemented within 1Q2022.

The strategic goals of the Consumer revenue department for the coming years are aligned with Condé Nast's global strategy: consumer revenue growth up to 25% of the total Condé Nast Russia’s revenue; effective reader’s data collection and introduction of CRM, development of optimal product strategies; of affiliate sales and club membership programs.

I am excited to have Anna back in our team. Her track record in building efficient commercial teams and training high-class professionals is impressive, and I am sure that this appointment will bring many opportunities for development of our teams. I am also truly happy about the next step in Luiza's career. We have launched many new businesses together. Luiza is a brilliant launch executive, and I am sure that we will achieve our ambitious goals under her systemic guidance’.