Anastasia Romashkevich named new editor-in-chief of AD magazine

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Condé Nast Russia announces the appointment of Anastasia Romashkevich as the Editor-in-Chief of AD magazine.

Anastasia will replace Evgenia Mikulina, who at the end of March decided to leave the company. Evgenia Mikulina has worked in the magazine since its foundation in 2002, and took the post of editor-in-chief in 2006.

"In these a little over ten years, AD has become an important part of my life, so it's pleasant and exciting for me to become the head of the magazine. Thanks to my predecessors, AD has a huge safety margin, a distinctly recognizable style and an excellent reputation in the market. This is a perfect basis for further development. Of course, the magazine will change, but at the same time, it will remain itself," Anastasia Romashkevich commented.

"Anastasia Romashkevich is one of the key members of the AD editorial team since 2007. It is difficult to imagine a candidate who is more experienced and has better understanding of the DNA of the main interior magazine of the country. AD will continue to publish only exceptional interiors and focus on the taste of the most sophisticated and demanding audience. Also, I know that Anastasia has a lot of ideas and big plans for the development of the website and AD communities in social media, "Condé Nast Russia president Anita Gigovskaya said.

Anastasia Romashkevich was born in Moscow in 1973, studied at the Faculty of Journalism of Lomonosov Moscow State University. Since 2000 Romashkevich has worked in the field of interior and design. In 2007, Anastasia joined the AD team as a senior editor, and soon after that she was appointed deputy editor-in-chief of AD. Anastasia Romashkevich is a member of the council of deputies of the Presnensky district of Moscow.