Condé Nast Digital Day 2017: How it was

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CNDD, CNDD Sport and CNDD Nex Generation


Last week, Moscow hosted its major digital conferences, CNDD, CNDD Sport и CNDD Next Generation. On Thursday, attendees of the 8th annual Condé Nast Digital Day gathered at Digital October to discuss the rapidly changing media space and digital marketing.

In her opening remarks, Condé Nast Russia President Anita Gigovskaya outlined the company’s main media strategy and shared the latest results of the marketing research.

TsUM Senior Advisor Andreas Schmeidler opened the first section. He spoke about the department store with 110 years of offline experience staking on online shopping and its efficient tools.

Later, he passed the floor to Niels Tonsen, Lamoda Group CEO and co-founder, who spoke about building a fashion supermarket with thousands of brands and two million items.

After a break, guests were inspired by the story of the Diana Vreeland Parfums brand built on family values and the extraordinary personality of the world famous Vogue editor. Another inspiring story was Molecule Art Director for Perfume Art Projects Ilya Volkov’s who spoke about main principles of emotional marketing and selective perfumes.

TBWA Creative Director Eric Groza, Stereotactic co-owner Vasily Kuibar and Stereotactic Art Director Olga Korsun presented a popular section with examples of best advertising cases and video advertising.

Viber Vice President for Global Partnership Kristina Konstandake continued the discussion. Representative of one of the world’s most popular messengers spoke about using chat opportunities to start the brand’s successful dialogue with customers.

In the last section, Vympelcom (Beeline) Vice President for Digital and New Business Development George Held demonstrated how to make user data work for the company and evaluated expectations for Big Data research. The Ritz-Carlton Vice President for Western Europe Sandeep Walia showed that the impact of storytelling is much more powerful than that of more traditional brand promotion methods. The round table meeting on nuances of developing native advertising through the perspective of the company, the ad developer and the customer wrapped up the first day. The round table participants included Wired publisher Nick Sargent, Kamel Meriem (The Story Lab), Unilever Russia Senior PR Manager Anastasia Lander, Glamour publisher Viktoria Bukharkina and Condé Nast Russia Director for Corporate Digital Sales Yelena Chichina.

CNDD Sport

Next evening at The Ritz-Carlton, Condé Nast Digital conferences continued with the sport event.

Lyasan Utiasheva opened the night with the talk about her joint project with Pavel Volya The project offers customers training sessions for losing weight, original health recovery programs and much more.

Lyasan passed the floor to Tikhon Kosykh, founder of Raketa hi-tech fitness clubs, who spoke about digital technology making the premium segment in sports and fitness affordable.

In the next section, Maxim Maslov, General Manager of Epic Esports Events, proved to the audience that cybersports is a media of the future. He passed the floor to Elena Smirnova, co-owner and CEO of Justbefit. The project allows users to expand their fitness membership beyond the club in which they are members. Vladimir Voloshin, Partner and Marketing Director at Ironstar, closed the most athletic of the digital conferences with his talk on sports of the future.

The Saturday morning was also dedicated to fitness and this time, it was all about action. CNDD guests gathered on the terrace of O2 Lounge at The Ritz-Carlton for a workout with the iconic Russian athlete, Merited Master of Sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics Lyasan Utiasheva. The athlete showed some stretching exercises and inspired the participants with her motivational talk.

CNDD Next Generation

CNDD Next Generation, a conference for children aged 11 and older and their parents took place on the last day of Condé Nast Digital Days.

Lyasan Utiasheva opened the conference to tell the young audience about professional sports and what motivated her for personal success and achievements and how family and its support are important. Black Star co-founder Pavel Kuryanov (Pashu) spoke about the Russian music industry and contribution of modern technology. Alfa Future People Director and Vympelcom Mobile Financial Services Director Viktor Shkipin spoke about the digital industry and what makes our life easier. He also asked the young guests to be thoughtful and careful when using the internet and to delete their browser history regularly.

Most successful Russian video blogger Sasha Spilberg spoke about video blogging. With her father and manager, Sasha explained how video blogs work and what audience they target. Deputy Director for Marketing and Advertising Elena Grigoryan spoke about gaming business and development of new game products and interactive services with millions of users. Cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin finished the conference with a talk about his Vkontakte community “Space. The Beginning” that brought the social network to the orbit. He also shared his experience of being in space and spoke about what cosmonauts miss most during space travel.