Condé Nast Russia multimedia publisher announces 2016 Condé Nast Digital Day dates

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Condé Nast Digital Day will be hosted by Digital October

On April 7, the seventh Condé Nast Digital Day (CNDD) will kick off in Moscow. The conference will focus on one of the most topical issues: how technology is changing the media, business and our life. Launched as a corporate workshop, CNDD has expanded to the scale of a highly respected digital technology forum. Leading experts from Russia, Europe and the US seek attendance of the forum.

As before, CNDD will uncover the latest strategies and methods in digital communications, present the state-of-the-art technology in digital media as well as successful cases and new achievements in online business. It is the second time Condé Nast Digital Day will closely analyze digital opportunities for everyday life, including fashion, culture and arts. The 2016 conference will also discuss sports and healthcares.

Every year, CNDD attracts over 500 professionals from all businesses, from advertising and marketing to media management and retail, developers and producers of luxury products and services.

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