First Condé Nast Digital Day Next Generation 2015 takes place in Moscow

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The conference was attended by two robots from the Robostation project, an exciting event for both participants and guests

On April 19, the Di Telegraph multipurpose space hosted the CNDD Next Generation, the first digital conference for children aged 11 and older and their parents on digital technology in education and learning. The conference is another project by the organizers of Condé Nast Digital Day and was sponsored by Beeline.

The conference opened with an address by Slava Kuteev, a representative of the KidZania international project. Speaking about careers of the future, the speaker explained that new jobs will be created through unthinkable combinations. For example, a perfumer job could be in future related to engineering.

Kuteev passed the floor to Alexander Popovsky, Vice President for Corporate Strategy and Business Development at Vimpelcom (Beeline). Popovsky introduced the children audience to the most discussed and promising issue these days, the Internet of Everything (IoE). He focused on existing solutions and the opportunities of interaction between different devices without human involvement in the future – every child’s dream. New communications solutions may in the future bring not only smart watch or smart home but most unfathomable technology combinations.

The conference was attended by two robots from the Robostation project, an exciting event for both participants and guests. One of the robots masterfully co-hosted the conference with Veronika Fedorova, daughter of Glamour Editor-in-Chief Maria Fedorova.

Ilya Sachkov, founder of Group-IB fighting against cyber crimes, spoke not only about protection against hackers but also about how to find an exciting job and become happy. Sachkov’s success story was an impressive and inspiring example for the audience. The speaker also recommended the young generation to keep a journal of happy moments and write down three moments every day that made them happy. He also recommended three books for working on will power.

In the interactive area, the conference guests could learn how to use a 3D printer and a 3D pen by SIUSystem. They could also speak with a robot and participate in a robot race using various gadgets. Bite healthy bars and Sweet Religion cupcakes made especially for CNDD Next Generation were also available. And of course, the audience could play the staring game with the virtual Sergei Svetlakov in the interactive Beeline area and take a trendy selfie with virtual objects such as hats, cats and space.

Mikael Geletsyan, Head of Design for Innova Systems, was the next speaker. He talked about developing modern video games and recommended that the young audience begin to study early to later join the rapidly developing industry of computer games.

The speech by Yana Churikova, Director General of MTV, was a big success. Churikova reviewed the history of music and, giving examples from the children audience, demonstrated different models of music consumption in the age of new media. She also covered the impact of pirated content on the development of the industry.

Denis Semyonov, Creative Director for Great Gonzo, finished the conference. He spoke about the Soviet “Google machine” and flying humans. His audience also had a chance to try on Oculus glasses that take to the virtual reality.