The Sixth Condé Nast Digital Day took place on April 9 at Digital October. This year’s conference was looking at how technology changes media, business and our life

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It is the sixth time CNDD experts have discussed new developments in digital media and presented latest achievements and most telling examples. They also looked at how digital technology is making its way into education and everyday life

Opening the conference, Condé Nast Russia President Anita Gigovskaya said that no business these days can fully realize the speed of change in the world and is therefore dragging behind. This creates numerous opportunities for moving forward and anticipating what is waiting ahead.

The first session, Fashion Without Borders, started with a presentation by Susie Lau, blogger and fashion editor. She spoke about opportunities that journalists have in the age of new media and stressed that multitasking is a new approach to fashion and life in general.

Maria Popova, Chief Web Editor, continued talking about fashion as a center of digital revolution in a discussion with CuteCircuit co-creators, Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz. They spoke about the history of their unique brand, its first recognition and the amazing opportunities that CuteCircuit clothes opens.

Vakhtang Akirtava, founder and CEO of NAME’S.RU, used his online store as an example to point out that successful premium class business always builds on high quality customer service that leaves no chance for the customer to doubt his or her choice.

Yana Skachkova, E-commerce Director for Ile de Beaute, continued the topic of customer expectations and online retail opportunities. Intuitive navigation, communication based on customer behavior, recommendation systems and exclusive service – these elements of success make e-commerce a powerful sales channel and an efficient analysis tool.

A performance by Christopher Bill was one of the most surprising and remarkable moments of Condé Nast Digital Day. The trumpeter from New York became famous for covers of popular singles. He performs live with a recorded trombone background.

Tina Kandelaki, Director General, Apostol Center for Strategic Communications, opened the session “New Consumers and What They Want.” In her talk, Tina presented various statistics and speculated on the assumption that “if you are not digital you are not in the market” which she extended to “you don’t exist.”

Mark Boyd, founder of the Gravity Road creative agency and entertainment start-up, commented on the best media campaigns and projects of the year. From their success he elaborated on what customers really want.

Nikita Zeltser, Managing Director of CarambaMedia, presented several remarkable campaigns from the brands that really wowed their audience. Nikita stressed that user’s emotional engagement is the main secret of video content because it uses the technology for the unique opportunity of transforming empathy into action, specifically, into an online purchase.

Gilles Babinet, “a digital champion,” the EU official for big data and author of several books on the topic, covered the issue of BigData. He explained is the principle of three Vs (Volume, Velocity, Variety) in the context of user data and how the information that we consciously or unconsciously provide about ourselves can change the world tomorrow.

The session “the Internet of Things” started with a talk by Alexey Kozhukhov, Audi Corporate Communications Director, who announced that literally in two years there may be car robots independently driving on the road and interacting with other traffic participants and the driver/passenger.

Vitaly Krylov, CEO of GetTaxi Russia, developed the topic of the Internet of Things and mentioned the main principle of modern human, “faster, easier and closer”. He explained how GetTaxi service managed to take all these factors into account.

In the final session of Condé Nast Digital Day, Vasily Lebedev, founder of IKRa School, invited representatives of the “new wave in education” for a roundtable. Dmitry Repin, Director General of NewProfessionsLab, Danil Petrushev, Director of Arzamas.Academy, Anton Sazhin, Director for Online Communications at the Moscow Institute of Steel and Allows, and Slava Kuteyev, representative of the KidZania international project, discussed a wide range of topics, from career guidance for children to professional development and self-study for adults. The roundtable participants were unanimous about online education widening opportunities, on the one hand, and limiting experience, on the other; therefore, it shouldn’t be set against classical education.