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The sixth Condé Nast Digital Day will take place at Digital October on April 9, 2015. The focus of this year’s conference is how technology changes the media, business and our life. Traditionally, CNDD welcomes best experts in marketing, digital media and online advertising. Professionals will speak about new developments in the media and present the latest achievements in e-commerce. They will discuss expansion of digital technology to culture and arts.

This year the conference offers five sections. In the first section, Fashion Without Borders, founders of Cute Circuit, Ryan Genz and Francesca Rosella, will present wearable technology (smart clothes). Based on the example of their own company, they will demonstrate capacities of smart fabrics and microchips that allow changing the color and pattern on the clothes and accessories with your smart phone.

Director of online store, Vakhtang Akirtava, will persuade the audience that it is possible and reasonable to sell luxury goods online. He will analyze strategies of online and offline retailers.

The next section is Beauty Without Exaggeration. Yana Sachkova, Director for Digital and E-commerce at ILE DE BEUTE, Editor-in-Chief of and Director of the ILE DE BEUTE online store will speak about the digital strategy of brands in beauty industry and share the success story of this conventional beauty retailer.

The next section is New Consumers and What They Want. Mark Boyd, founder of the Gravity Road creative agency and entertainment start-up, will focus on trends in digital marketing and best advertising cases. European Commissioner for Big Data Gilles Babinet, will also speak during the section. Babinet is responsible for cooperation between the French government and the European Commission for Digital Technology and is believed to be the leader in this industry.

Speakers in the next section will talk about the Internet of Things: How Innovations Change Life Style. Alexey Kozhukhov, Audi Corporate Communications Director, will speak about the development of digital technology in the global car industry. He will reveal what super car the world will see in 2017.

As a digital dessert, the guests will hear about Education Available Any Time. The section will focus on online education, students’ interests and true criteria of efficiency. Every guest will have a chance to ask experts a question.

The full list of speakers of the 2015 conference will be published soon.

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General sponsor: Audi Russia

CNDD hotel partner: TheRitz-CarltonMoscow

CNDD is an annual conference with a regular attendance of over 500 professionals from all business areas, including advertising and marketing, media management, retailers, designers and producers of luxury goods. The event is usually centered around most topical issues in digital marketing, new media and a rapidly changing digital space. Started as a corporate workshop for Condé Nast Russia top managers, CNDD has grown into a fully functional forum that attracts leading experts from Russia, Europe and the US.

Over the years, CNDD has seen talks by Vanity Fair Italy Editor-in-Chief Luca Dini (on influence of bloggers on journalism); LuisaViaRoma CEO Andrea Panconesi (success story of his online store); WebbyAwards President David Michael Davis (review of the most creative ads of the year); founder and CEO of José Neves (roundtable on online designer clothes purchaser profile), Wired Editor-in-Chief Scott Dadich (on Condé Nast's latest developments in the US), Google Russia CEO (on the future of technology); Christie's Russia Managing Director Guy Vesey (on trends in global arts); Gucci Global Marketing Director Robert Triefus (on a global brand development in digital world) and many others.