Condé Nast first came to Russia in 1998. Within only six months, its first president, Bernd Runge, built a talented and creative young team that published the first issue of Russian Vogue next fall. Many of those who worked on the magazine made brilliant careers, most of them in Condé Nast.

Anita Gigovskaya

Karina Dobrotvorskaya

Anita Gigovskaya, who started as assistant to Editor-in-Chief and then was promoted to senior editor for Vogue, worked as deputy editor-in-chief for AD in 2002, and only a year later started a marketing department in Condé Nast Russia and then successfully launched Russian Glamour in 2004. After a short break she came back to the company as director of the Digital Department and, in March 2011, was assigned vice president and commercial director of the company. Since 2013, she has been President of Condé Nast Russia.

Karina Dobrotvorskaya, her predecessor in this post, was President and Editorial Director for Brand Development at Condé Nast International. She remained Editorial Director for Condé Nast Russia and also began her brillian career in Vogue which she joined in 1998 as Arts and Culture editor. Four years later, she was already at the helm of AD and soon became Editorial Director for Condé Nast Russia. In 2008, she was appointed president of the publishing house. Karina Dobrotvorskaya made a decision to leave the company in June, 2021.

Victoria Davydova is another brilliant example. She started out as beauty editor for Vogue. In 2004, she became director of Russian Glamour. In 2008, she successfully launched another magazine, Tatler, in Russia. Since July 2010, Davydova has been Vogue Russia Editor-in-Chief.

This staffing policy has won Condé Nast a reputation of one of Moscow’s most popular employers. Condé Nast is also a major company on the monthly press market, with the smallest number of magazines. The publishing house is a leader (33 %)  for luxury advertising placement among monthly media outlets (fashion: 37 %, watches and jewelry: 33 %). The total readership of print, online issues and social media is 12.5 million people.

Condé Nast magazines in Russia are regular winners of various awards. In 2009, Glamour won Best Print Media Sales among women’s magazines (Press Distributors Association). In 2010, Karina Dobrotvosrkaya was included in the annual list of top media business managers published by Kommersant. In 2011, Vogue won Best Selling Women’s Fashion Magazine from the Press Distributors Association. In 2012, Condé Nast won several awards from World Fashion Channel. Allure got Best Launch, Tatler’s Editor-in-Chief Ksenia Solovyova won Best Gala Dinner, Karina Dobrotvorskaya won Best Contribution to Russian Fashion Industry.

For five years in a row, Condé Nast managers were included in the Russia’s top young media managers ranking. In 2011 and 2012, they were Glamour and Allure publisher Viktoria Bukharkina and Vogue Advertising Director Natalia Nikitenko. Also in 2012, AD and Tatler publisher Anna Pchylkina, Allure Editor-in-Chief Ksenia Vagner and Condé Nast Distribution Director Sergei Pyzhikov joined the list. Since 2013 the number of employees in the company's rating was already 11 people. The 2012 was marked by another prize. Allure was the only press media to win the annual Brand of the Year/EFFIE award for efficient brand positioning and promotion.

In the early 2000s, Condé Nast initiated several major events that became annual magnets. In 2001, GQ presents its first Man of the Year award. In 2005, Glamour begins presenting Woman of the Year. GQ holds the first Top 100 Stylish People ceremony in 2008. For the past seven years in Moscow and three years in St. Petersburg, Vogue organizes Fashion’s Night Out. Since 2014, under the auspices of the Russian Vogue night shopping takes place in the capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty. In July 2010, Glamour presented Glamour Reader of the Year award that also featured a high-heel race (first took place in 2005). Glamour also holds a biannual Shopping Week in spring and autumn that involves over 3,500 stores in 18 cities. In June 2013, on Revolution Square in the heart of Moscow, the magazine launched the first Glamour Trendiest Show. A record number of amateur fashion models – readers and fans of the magazine = walked down the runway. Starting 2011, Tatler has organized Ball of the Debutants to introduce young daughters of the most prominent Russian families, in keeping with the best traditions of the pre-revolution balls, with full-length gowns and waltz. Every year, AD invites famous architects to the Arch Moscow festival. The most recent guests include the Italian Claudio Silvestrin and Fabio Novembre. Condé Nast Traveller organizes an annual awards ceremony for Condé Nast Traveller Reader’s Choice. In October 2013, Allure held the first Best of Beauty ceremony and presented two ranking, Editor’s Choice (over 150 categories) and Reader’s Choice (as voted at Awards were presented to the best-selling beauty products of 2012-2013 that were selected by the editors and most voted for readers.

Since 2010, Condé Nast Russia has organized industry fairs and conferences. For the past six years, Condé Nast Digital Day (CNDD) has taken place in Moscow, an international conference focusing on digital marketing and digital space, emergence and development of new media platforms and their characters in various areas, from advertising to unique technology. Started as an internal corporate workshop, CNDD has expanded to the scale of a highly respected digital forum. Leading experts from Russia, Europe and the US seek attendance at the event. In 2015, CNDD Next Generation, the first digital conference, took place. The conference was organized for kids over 11 and their parents, and covers the topical issues of the digital industry in children’s education and development. Since 2014, Condé Nast Traveller has held Condé Nast Traveller Luxury Travel Fair. Over the two years, the conference has become the largest event in the luxury hospitality industry in Eastern Europe. Participants include recognized leaders in various categories of premium travel: hotel chains and associations, luxury hotels and resorts, concierge services, national and regional travel authorities, airlines and private aviation, medical and spa facilities, cruiseship companies – all providing exclusive travel products and services. 

In summer 2012, Condé Nast integrated its print and digital departments. All the brands were now present on all platforms and available for all possible digital devices.

iPad- and iPhone-version of the magazines printed out at the same time: monthly GQ, Vogue, Tatler and Glamour, ten times a year, Allure and AD and six times a year CN Traveller.

Websites,, are long-time leaders in their niche that continue to grow in scope and quality. In summer 2010, was launched, the first professional design blog, soon followed by that claims to be the main daily online magazine for wealthy public figures on the Russian internet. Condé Nast launched its corporate website In 2011, was launched. Allure’s website followed in 2012. In early 2013, the new version of was presented.

Class, not mass, was the famous motto of the company’s founder Condé Nast, is true about both the print and online products. While magazines are high-quality entertainment for thoughtful reading, inspiration and collecting, websites offer daily updates and references. Up to 100 new pieces are published on Condé Nast websites every day.

These is original content, two thirds of which is written specifically for online reading. Extensive photo collections and videos from fashion shows, latest fashion news, video interviews and behind-the-scenes videos, brand references, store locations. Our ambition is to be the most reputable Russian-language source of fashion and lifestyle news.

Apart from journalist content, we publish blogs by guest celebrities and editors, moderate readers’ forums and communities, social media pages. It is important for us to help loyal readers communicate with each other and give feedback to the editors.

Thanks to a wide range of editorial content, Condé Nast websites have a highly loyal and relevant audience. Around 50% of our visitors search for magazines online and bookmark them. The quality of the readership ensures that the advertising targets relevant customers.

The total readership of Condé Nast website is 5,6 million unique users that visit almost 48 million pages every month.