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Tatler.ru is a web interpretation of everything that makes fame of the Tatler magazine.
Interviews with celebrities, exclusive photo-sessions and fashion-shoots, authoritative ratings and the guides to the very best in the world of beauty, fashion and travel, whatever can be offered to Russian female audience?

But Tatler.ru is not just an internet replica on Tatler magazine. Besides getting access to archives containing all past issues, you’ll find daily reports on all important public and fashion events from Moscow to New York, simply beyond possibility to “be there” for so many of us, as well as the most interesting and useful information from the world of Beauty, Travel and Leisure.

TATALER.RU presents its content in the most operative, light manner, independently and honestly.

Some of Tatler’s key personalities now appear on this site as bloggers with their daily letters to the readers about the places they’ve been to, what they’ve seen and heard.

TATLER.RU – that’s a real “no-nonsense” thing!