More than magazine

Glamour philosophy

Glamour is much more then just a monthly magazine. It’s a liable guide into current life for modern Russian girls, published in Russia since 2004 with circulation of 700 000 copies, addressing to over 2.5 millions of females.

Its readership profile – the young girls, trying to live in step with time, to speak the same language with their peers from all parts of the World, to be in the know about the latest trends of fashion and beauty, to get the freshest news about cultural events wherever they happen and to learn about the most intricate live-details of Russian and international stars.

Glamour makes no bones about the most candid topics: It speaks about everything that concerns its audience – sex, psychology, money, career opportunities. And its readers take the most active part in these discussions. The on-going dialogue with them on magazine’s pages is one of key clues to its success.

Humorous, playful tone, easy-going style, simplicity of writing manner- all that plus a signature top quality texts and photography of Condй Nast publications make the essence of Glamour.